After over a month of testing, Twitter is finally out with a decision to increase your character limit to 280. The announcement is in line with company’s goal of encouraging more shares, mentions, and to increase engagement on the platform. At some point, every user struggles to express their thought within 140 characters. They finally resolved this common frustration.

Here’s what Twitter found:

  • Instances of editing to make a tweet perfectly expressive dropped.
  • Tweet creation became faster, as editing to fit within 140 characters dropped.
  • Fewer tweets reached character limit (not a surprise).
  • More thoughts went into tweets, while maintaining brevity at 280 characters.

The driving forces behind Twitters’s decision?

  1. Spending less time spent in editing. To cut down on the time wasted trying to squeeze multiple thoughts to 140 characters of space.
  2. Overcoming the issue of cramming. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are the only three languages that allow users to express more with less words. Hence, in all other languages users faced the issue of cramming. According to Twitter, only 0.4 of tweets sent in Japanese hit the character limit, as compared to 9% of tweets sent in English. The increase in the character limit offers a solution to address this problem.
  3. Encouraging more likes, tweets and mentions. More characters enhances communication, opportunities for self expression, and improves user engagement through mentions and tweets.
  4. Encouraging more expression. If there’s one thing Twitter is known for, it’s brevity. The ability to say something concisely. Twitter didn’t want to take that away, therefore The character limit increase was just the right amount to preserve that element.

It appears that the company is achieving all these goals with the new update, and the majority of users appear to be excited about. One thing though Twitter, please create an edit tweet feature asap!