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Analytics & SEO

Demographic and behavioural analysis of your target audience facilitates improved decision making, while creating new opportunities learn about your audience. The more audience data available to analyze, the greater the chance of making the right decisions to improve your page rankings. If you ever wondered about what makes your website populate in search results or contrarily, why it isn’t showing up, the answer to that question can be found in something called authority building. Authority building is a critical component to discoverability online. There are a variety of tools that can help to increase your SEO results, below are a few.

Keyword Research

What is your competition doing in your space from a keyword perspective. More importantly what are your customers typing to search for your product or service. Understanding both will identify areas of opportunity to expose your business. This requires research to properly identify the best keyword opportunities.

Link Building

The value of embedding internal and external site links within website and blog content is a great tool to begin growing your exposure online. Google looks at links in a similar way as an Human Resources professional looks at relevant experience on a resume: the more you have, the more qualified you likely are. Social media pages, post likes and comments are great authority builders, as are reviews on websites like Yelp, Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor. Search engines are smart enough to understand what valuable information is and they reward companies who create it with higher results.

Content Marketing

Creating fresh content is one of the best ways to begin seeing better results on Google. Often, this is in the form of a blog section on a website that is filled with content optimized for your product or service offering. Blogs, when done regularly give Google more pages to index. It’s not good enough just to write a blog. Effective content marketing requires the appropriate use of keywords and keyword phrases, sentence structure, linking both internally within a site and externally to others, as well as easy readability. When done correctly, writing blogs is a great tool to improve your score.

Heat Maps

What if you knew where the greatest clusters of time were spent on your website? That would give you insights into analyzing audience behaviours that could help you out in terms of what navigation items are working on the site, which are not, as well as understanding what content is being engaged with. Heat maps can be used to in conjunction with Google Analytics to measure on site activities of the audience to begin to understand their behaviours.

Below are some examples of clients who we have done Analytics & SEO work for. You can view a case study here: Ragazzi Bistro

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