Say No To Free Website Builders.

It’s only natural for businesses to want to spend the minimum on building a website. That’s why many people resort to free website builders. Although the thought of using a free ‘website builder’ can be tempting, their limitations will make you realize they are not the most ideal option. Once you chose a free website builder, you gradually start discovering limitations, as most of the basic features are not really free. In reality, no free website building platform can give fine user experience and the design you need to make your site professional and user-friendly.

The free websites builder only appears to be ‘Free’. Check out customer reviews and you will find tons of complaints on “Up-charges”. Moreover, they are infamous for neglecting user interface and often do not care well for customers. If you think free website builders are easy to use, then you are wrong again. Their templates require a developer to set up properly. Their complicated user-interface can make users to leave the website. Even the popular free website builder like WIX and Weebly are not much capable of giving a professional site.

Free Website Builder Red Flags

Slow Speed

Most of the free hosting providers use the same server for thousands of website. It makes all the website load at very slow speeds. Slow websites are not only bad for user experience but also for SEO.

Ugly URLs

Look at the website address Not only does it look unprofessional and it conveys the idea that the website owner is uncompetitive and doesn’t take the business seriously. Moreover, without a genuine domain name, users would not take your site seriously.

Hidden Charges

If you think you are going get everything for free, don’t get cheated! Most free website companies charges users for additional services such as FTP access, image hosting, email accounts that are necessary to have for every website owner.

Irrelevant Advertisements

Like any other business, the free website companies too want to make money.  Most of their earnings come through advertisements, which they display on your sites. These ads are distractive, irrelevant and can make your site look unprofessional. The worst thing about having such ads on your site is, your competitor’s ads can appear on your site as well.

Migration is Not Easy

It is but obvious, once you find that free platform is not competent to give you the site you are looking for, you would like to move to a paid service. However, these free platforms do not provide any handy tools for the easy migration of your site. Many users end up paying freelances to manually export the content. So, in the long run, it proves to be costlier than going with a paid website builder platform.


They say – there are no free lunches in the world. It’s safe to say there are not free website builder tools either. Although they may sound so to the novice ear, but eventually their cons outweigh the pros.