Project Description

Did you know Alberta’s best kept secret – Eagle Point Blue Rapids – was right in your backyard? 

When we were invited to discuss the future of the Eagle Point Blue Rapids Parks Council website, we were thrilled. Like many Albertans, we enjoy the outdoors and grew up spending time camping, fishing and sightseeing – truly enjoying what nature had to offer. 

The Eagle Point Blue Rapids parks are located north and south of the town of Drayton Valley about an hour west of Edmonton. Spanning 50 square kilometres, the parks are situated in lush green forestry offers year round attractions for the outdoor enthusiast. The Parks Council, who oversees park management, and recognized the need to create better site organization. Eliminating button clicks required to access site information was critical, as was creating a compelling parks story for Albertans through the use of visuals. 

Responsive Web Design

The website design focused on two critical goals: to sell the visual asset of the parks and to deliver creative messaging that brought your experience to life.  After creating a more intuitive wireframe, we began developing a series of key messaging around the theme “Adventure Awaits.” This concept of exploration worked perfectly for the overall site design, which created the feeling of adventure and escape.

We also addressed the need to profile the critical sponsors, which help the Parks Council deliver programs throughout the year. A custom two tier menu that featured the large menu item “Our Sponsors” was front and centre for site visitors. We also used the homepage to create a 4 column layout for the 8 programs associated with Eagle Point – Blue Rapids, including the Willey West Campground.

The entire site is mobile optimized, working fantastic on phones, tablets, laptops and large desktop computers. If you haven’t been, definitely check out the parks – they are open year round.

Managed Services

PUNDYK provides a suite of managed web services for Eagle Point Blue Rapids as well. This package includes hosting, WordPress software and plugin updates, security and basic content updates all for a low monthly fee. Maintaining the integrity of a website is the most important way to protect the integrity of your digital investment. Think about a car? Drive it for 100,000 kilometres without an oil change and your engine will cease.