How Do You Pick The Right Website Font?

When it comes to building a website, most of the people either focus on improving navigation or picking the right colour scheme. Indeed, user-friendly design and compelling images are keys to a successful website, but website font selection is just as important.

A good website font can engage your audience and make sure your message is delivered to the right group of people. The right font not only helps you decide how visitors perceive your company, but serves to convey different emotions. So, how do you pick the right font for your website? Let’s find out.

Reflect On Font Size

Font size has a huge impact on the user experience of the website. Many older readers including the visually impaired struggle with small font sizes. Further, people with sharp eyesight experience eye fatigue as a result. Remember, visitors visit your website to get information so your font needs to be clear, informative and legible.

Picking The Right Typography: Sans or Serif?

One of the most widely used typography categories is sans serif or serif. Serif fonts have feet at the end of the letterforms. This feature is not present in sans serif fonts. When choosing a typography category, make sure it is readable. Over frilly and cutesy fonts can be difficult to read. It is wise to opt for sans-serif as it doesn’t have any curls on the edge of the letters. Remember, if your customers can’t find your website easy to read, they won’t be as encouraged to engage with content.

Lots Of  Up-To-Date Fonts Exist, But Go With Google

There are many benefits to choosing Google Fonts. They are free, they render across multiple platforms and require no license fees; they even load faster than non-Google fonts. With over 600 Google Font options available there are many choices of attractive, sleek fonts that are easy to read. Make sure whatever you choose can be easily read on your smartphone. If not, select another.


When it comes to creating appealing websites, do not put font selection on the back burner. They act like a delivery mechanism for your website’s content. Take time in the decision and don’t overlook the importance of what font does for your website.