HubSpot is a multi-faceted in-bound marketing and sales software platform

HubSpot encompasses several useful tools. It’s great for digital agencies looking to maximize the online presence of clients, and can be used across any Content Management System (CMS). Below we take a quick rundown of some of its key features:

  1. Blog:

    With HubSpot, you can create a blog and regularly update it. It also throws in recommendations for optimizing content for relevant keywords.

  2. Keyword Analysis & Research:

    With HubSpot you can organize, discover, and research keywords relevance  to boost organic search results. In addition, you have access on-page SEO advice and suggestions.

  3. Integrating Ad Network:

    If you’re already running ad campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords or others, then you can invest in HubSpot’s add-ons to measure clicks, impressions, leads, and ROI on the ad campaign. If you don’t have a campaign already running, HubSpot allows you can build one within it.

  4. Call To Action (CTA) & Landing Page creation:

    CTAs are important for capturing leads to improve conversion rate. You need these to divert traffic towards a landing page, which is designed and built for a specific functionality. Creating a CTA or landing page in HubSpot is straight forward, and requires no IT support or expert help. You can customize these pages as business requirements or personal preference, and with access to real time conversation and traffic related data, you can analyze and perform A/B split testing to improve performance.

  5. Managing Leads:

    It’s not uncommon for businesses to have their data segregated with their CMS, other emails, and data stored in marketing tools. HubSpot solves that problem by allowing users store all marketing and lead related data in an integrated database. This allows for better management of leads and contact interactions. With functionalities like list segmentation you can also personalize your marketing campaigns.

Final Word on HubSpot
These are just a handful of functionalities that HubSpot offers. There’s also marketing automation, social media management, and reporting. All and all, this is a platform worth-exploring for online marketers, and a great sign that your service provider is using cutting edge software to manage your online presence.