Best Responsive WordPress Slider?

Identifying the best responsive WordPress slider requires a lot of reserach. Having a good understanding of the topic can save a ton of your time to check all the 690 slider plugins available for WordPress. Here we handpick 3 recommendations for best responsive WordPress slider:

1. Smart Slider Pro 3

Topping out list as the Best Responsive WordPress slider plugin is Smart Slider 3 Pro. Smart Slider 3 Pro has set benchmarks for how a slider plugin should be made on free or premium plugins. Some of its salient features include:

  • Powerful layer animation system (14 options in animation manager).
  • Inclusion of Javascripts, html, CSS codes to customize your slide.
  • Showcase Slider or Carousel to show multiple slides together.
  • Dynamic slides to generate slides from externals sources and more.
  • Ken Burn, Background, and Parallax effect to add to special effects or zooming animation.
  • A built-in image editor Adobe Aviary to help in online editing.
  • Enhanced Click Actions to let you add videos, images as Lightboxes and actions.
  • ‘Control’ option to brace you with greater designing tools.
  • Expert settings allowing you to use it freely on any device.

2. Master Slider

With over 70 customizable templates, Master Slider is user-friendly and incredibly effortless to use. One of its most likeable features is the ability to insert or embed links, images, videos, and HTML formatted text directly into an individual slide. You can also animate each layer independently. Its features include:

  • Navigation with touch swipe.
  • Drop and drag visual builder.
  • SEO-friendly plugin.
  • Easy to use interface making it extremely useful.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Ability to display and load images from platforms like WooCommerce or Flickr.
  • User-friendly admin panel to ease out the process of slide.

Master Slider is quite a pro and proves to be one of the next best responsive sliders for WordPress. It is custom built utilizing WordPress’ best practices on both the front and back end. Master Slider is thus intuitive, methodical and an efficient plug-in. With a robust design and working, it works with any theme as well as with WordPress Default themes.

3. Smooth Slider

This is yet another one of the best responsive sliders for WordPress designed specifically for WordPress CMS. Using this, you can create several slider types like Image Slider, and Post Slider. The slider auto-adjusts itself according to the device screen thus making it highly responsive and versatile. Let’s talk about some extra features here:

  •   Allows customization of transition speed, background color, typography, slider height, etc.
  •   Adding/reorganizing the slides with just a drag and drop.
  •   The slider comes loaded with auto-expire slides that changes on a particular date. An incredible option or setting-up promotional campaigns.
  •   Ability to control the ‘text space’.
  •   RSS Feed slider.
  •   A handy WordPress Slideshow Widget.
  •   The option to import/export CSV file to transfer plug-in information to some other Smooth Slider installation.

Final thoughts

These three are the creme de le creme of the best responsive WordPress Sliders. However, which one to pick will depend on your website requirements, nature of the business, and your personal preferences.